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Finally got a good phone cam pic of rhinos ... These are at a watering trough set up by rangers but these are still wild at Waterberg Plateau Namibia Africa. These are white rhinos

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over 2 years

that is so cool. thanks 4 sharing CA

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over 2 years

Awesome pics

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over 2 years

They may be white rhinos, but to me the look like HUGE scary rhinos. lol

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over 2 years

Awesome CA

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over 2 years

So cool that you got to see them that close!

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Reagan Guarriello
over 2 years

This is a once in a lifetime photo. Thank you for Sharing your experience with us!

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Lucy Rascon
over 2 years

That's an awesome pic!

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over 2 years

LOL midg!! Farm Tour African Style #Savanna Tour! #Security! 😂😂😂

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over 2 years

farm tour!! 😉😎

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over 2 years

Great Shot :-)

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Sue Nicholls
over 2 years

Great pics thanks for sharing 👍

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over 2 years

Nice picture

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over 2 years

Thanks for sharing.😄 Have a great day!

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over 2 years

Love that you are sharing because I will never see that in person.

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over 2 years

Awsome pic ca . Thanks for sharing . Love all of your animal pics have a great day .

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over 2 years

App tour guide from afar, how awesome! Great job CA! 👍🏽

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over 2 years

Awesome pictures u have been sharing! This one is amazing ☺️
Thank you. Have a good day ☺️

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over 2 years

I love all the pictures you've posted. Thanks for sharing these moments with us, CA!

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over 2 years

pretty cool!looks like a great time

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over 2 years

I've been loving the pictures you've been taking. thank you for sharing