Luke Bryan definitely without a doubt deserves Entertainer of The Year again ! After all the performances we saw last night, it's simply a no brainer. Luke had the most energy, crowd interaction, band inclusion & dynamic. He's thankful he's there & always has a whole lot of fun!!! The face says it all!! The man loves what he does. That's why every performance is a best performance!!! We've got to vote, because he truly deserves it⭐️⭐️⭐️

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over 2 years


over 2 years

As much as I love Luke, Carrie will be his biggest competition this year. Her tour is amazing. 😁

over 2 years

Totally agree!!😍😍

over 2 years

So true he needs to get that award. He had the best performance last night

over 2 years

Well said💙