Good afternoon ladies and Luke ;), surgery was successful a week ago. Feeling better everyday, today I can speak, I'm not pushing it though, but it's a good day.

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over 3 years

Glad you are doing better.

over 3 years

Glad you're having a good day. Take your time to heal. Hope you're up and about soon

Dina Durley
over 3 years

Oh good!! Feel better soon!!

Mary Bullick
over 3 years

Feel better 🙏🏼. In the meantime scroll and see all the great pictures of Luke. That will def help lol

over 3 years

Great news! 👏👏👏

Sue Nicholls
over 3 years

Oh great news 👠👠
just take it one day at a time get lots of R&R please keep us posted on your progress. Lots of love from the app family 💕

over 3 years

Wishing you a speedy recovery💕