Such a great night!! Met some amazing new friends too!!! @courtney1

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over 2 years

@shannon0917. Shannon I love your picture with Luke!!!! It is beautiful!!!! I have not posted mine because I am very blessed to win the m&g with Luke but I am NOT good at being in pics. I got so nervous that I was fidgeting around and I made the dumbest face
And that is when they took the pic. I AM SO SAD AND TRYING TO THINK IF I CAN FIX IT SOMEHOW OR JUST CUT ME OUT AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUKE'S PIC! He always looks awesome in all pics! Your picture with Luke looks beautiful too!!!! Man I wish I had just walked
Up and not freaked out and took a normal picture so I can hang it up!! I'm very blessed to have won but I am sad that I ruined an amazing pic with Luke!!!!!

Mary Bullick
over 2 years

Congratulations. Beautiful!

over 2 years

Love, love, love!!!!! So glad one of our LCB's got a m&g with Luke! Such a beautiful picture 💕

Kelly Bradley Harris
over 2 years

It was nice to meet you at Raleigh! Hope your trip back to Charlston was a safe one!

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Congrats, great pic!💝

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Lucky @shannon0917 ! ☺️

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Great pic💙

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Beautiful ! Congrats

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Great pic! ❤️

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great pic, congrats!

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Omg popcorn I freaking love this it came out so good so beautiful I'm so happy you had an amazing weekend love ❤️❤️