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let's take a moment and thank this man for firing Luke and bringing him and his beautiful music into our lives if he didn't fire him who knows if Luke would have followed his dream

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almost 2 years

Somebody help that man find a dog sitter!

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almost 2 years

Thank you Mr Bryan for firing Your son. You believed in him and he followed his dreams. @Luke Bryan.❤️

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almost 2 years

Mr Bryan thank you for firing your son. We ❤️you for encouraging your son to follow his passion and for giving him the kick he needed to get started. @Luke Bryan

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almost 2 years

thank you . 😊 it's nice parents encourage their children to follow their dreams . ☺ ❤ 💛 and thank Caroline for supporting her husband in his dream.

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almost 2 years

Hope he found a dog sitter!