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Photo album from Elizabethtown, KY now in Multimedia section.

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about 2 years

Nice work can't wait to see you in concert

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about 2 years

Hope your shoulder is better!

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about 2 years

Great show that night❤

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about 2 years

Curious..what happened to your arm?

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jackson 1227555
about 2 years

Nice work Luke

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about 2 years

Love this pic Luke

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about 2 years

loved this night... can we go back

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Laura Boismier
about 2 years

I love you Luke Bryan I wanna meet you sometime if I can come back to Minnesota soon

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about 2 years

I'm sure you were awesome. I wanted to go but was not able

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about 2 years


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about 2 years

Awesome pics...as always!

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Ruby Norwood
about 2 years

Love the pics!! Thanks 🙏 for sharing with us..

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about 2 years

I'm in need for a Luke Bryan concert!!! 😃😃

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Sharon Flora
about 2 years

Aww that's after your surgery!! Awesome photos hope your well!! ❤💙💜💞😃 thanks for sharing you and your team are the best..😙

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about 2 years

Awesome thanks for sharing with us. 😊❤️💙💖💞

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about 2 years

Love these photos, I found myself 😁 in some!!! Cannot wait until the next time

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about 2 years

luke bryan is the best man my life

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about 2 years

i hope you see this luke. Thank you for your music. i turn it on a lot when dealing with my medical device. it makes forget what i am doing. i know i am not the only person with one of these but sometimes it feels like it. i can take my mind off it helps. thanks, Adair

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about 2 years

Loved it! Best night ever!!! Thank you LUKE for making my year you are awesome!

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about 2 years

luke you are very kind to give back to the agricultural community ☺awesome☺❤💛💖