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Tate is just precious!

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almost 2 years

Cute! I see a greater resemblance with dad and Bo in this pic.

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Kentucky Girl
almost 2 years

Minnie me luke

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almost 2 years

Luke's mini me

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almost 2 years

He looks so like my daughters best friend

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Ruby Norwood
almost 2 years

They are so cute!!

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Sandra Romero
almost 2 years

They are just so cute.

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almost 2 years

Your son is very cute and estatic

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almost 2 years

Both boys are gorgeous, chip off the old block!💝

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almost 2 years

Those boys have great genes👍🏻💙

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almost 2 years

He looks like us in the front row of his dad's show 😜

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almost 2 years

He is such a cute little boy

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almost 2 years

He looks super excited! Super cute!

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Lisa Holmes
almost 2 years

So cute defo good genes 😍

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almost 2 years

Luke and Caroline make some pretty cute kids!!!