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I think it will be Fast, but I would love it to be Scarecrows! What do y'all think?

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about 2 years

Love it Gone or Too the Moon and Back!

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about 2 years

Southern Gentleman or Here's to the Famer

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about 2 years

southern gentleman

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about 2 years

Love It Gone 💞

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Rynell Stanley Samples
about 2 years

Razor blade

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about 2 years

To the moon and back

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about 2 years

Way way back, Love it gone, Southern Gentleman, To the moon and back are my guesses

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about 2 years

I love fast so much .

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about 2 years

Moon and back

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about 2 years

I love scarecrows!!!! Oh heck they are all going!😘

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about 2 years

I hope it's either To The Moon and Back or Southern Gentleman.

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Reagan Guarriello
about 2 years

Maybe it's kill the lights?

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about 2 years

@Luke Bryan it's probably either fast or way way back

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about 2 years

I hope it's a ballad as well. I hope it's Fast

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about 2 years

I'd love anything fro KTL's but I hope he releases Southern Gentleman.. he needs a ballad and I love his voice when he slows it down. 😍

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forever loving Lukey
about 2 years

way way back or scarecrows

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about 2 years

I would love Razor Blade

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about 2 years

I would love razor blade or just over!

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about 2 years

To the moon and back

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Kelly Bradley Harris
about 2 years

I think he needs new music! He has wore the kill the lights album out! I am ready to hear some new and fresh music! Noted I love the Kill the Lights album!