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One of my favorite Luke Bryan songs and his sweet mama videoing! Crash My Playa!

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over 1 year

@Luke Bryan

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over 1 year

🙌kudos to Mama Leclaire 💕

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over 1 year

Love seeing Mama Bryan getting in on the action :)

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over 1 year

OMG how cute is that?! ❤️

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over 1 year


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Tiger Beresford
over 1 year

Loved when his mum started to bop. Think that part of the video will be blurred. So great. Thx. Xx

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J hart
over 1 year

I ❤ this thanks for sharing his mamma is so sweet 😀

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over 1 year

His biggest fan ❤️

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over 1 year

Very Cool, his mom was doing a Great Job :-)

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over 1 year

Love this! Thank you for sharing! I just love how close they are.

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Sue Nicholls
over 1 year

Excellent thanks for sharing. Good job momma Bryan👏

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over 1 year

Sweet! Thx for sharing💙

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over 1 year

That is awesome!!