hey Luke why don't you take a whole year off enjoy your family and new home 2016

Don't take a break new records can't allow your fellow competition win. Then you need to come out when you maker number 1 hits.

Heck it be less time away from family

So yeah take a break your parents need you you only have tie

Spend time with them

When time goes by you can't get it back

You can take a break from the fans and all that stuff

I rather see you spend time with your folks.

Do things with your parent they need you more then we need you

Keep up the good work


God bless and good health


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over 3 years

Seriously you can't tell Luke what to do let him do what he wants cause we and I love him so much

over 3 years

He doesn't read these posts!😂😂😂

over 3 years

had please

over 3 years

what was that really lol you would not have said that unless we

Bailey W
over 3 years

I'm sorry what? I could not understand half of that post.

over 3 years

that's a good a pic doest take away from the face