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3yrs ago today, I donated my left kidney to my mom! It has been such a blessing to watch her continue living her life to the fullest! Luke/Caroline and his team also blessed us with the surprise of a lifetime 6 months later! I love them like family and love being on this journey we call life! Thank y'all for your friendship and continued support! 😘 #lifeisgood

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over 1 year

Love ❤️ is...

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almost 2 years

Amazing story all around. Prayers for continued good health!

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almost 2 years

So wonderful!

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almost 2 years

What a wonderful beautiful thing you did.Luke is a special person.

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almost 2 years

luke bryan is the best man my life

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almost 2 years

God bless you and your mom!

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almost 2 years

Such a beautiful story

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Jeanie Jones
almost 2 years


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almost 2 years

Bless Luke and the crew for making my families dreams come true! Thank you lord for good health! 😘

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almost 2 years

Beautiful story, I am so happy you are doing so well. Luke is such a caring man. We are all blessed to have him in our lives. Prayers to keep you healthily, such a great daughter a mom! ❤

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Caitlin Purvis
almost 2 years

You are so amazing! I love that you shared your story, it's so inspiring. Luke is my inspiration in life along with his beautiful wife Caroline. I'm very happy for you that you got to meet both of them. Lots of love ❤️ to you beautiful girl

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Country Girl 69
almost 2 years

God Bless you and your mom you both are very blessed 👭

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Ryan-Marie Kruse
almost 2 years

This is amazing!!!!!

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almost 2 years

what a sweet thing

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almost 2 years

So amazing

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Mary Bullick
almost 2 years

I am so happy you are doing well ❤️ I saw this story what an amazing women you are. And that was so awesome that story with Luke

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Candice Sullivan
almost 2 years

God bless you and your mom. Loved watching your story. Luke is such an amazing man!! 💕💕

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almost 2 years

amazing & an awesome surprise for a gift of a lifetime!

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almost 2 years

@lisa.martinhayes your welcome Lisa ! ❤️💕

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almost 2 years

I'm so glad both of you are doing great. glad Luke reached out to you. ❤