Congrats to the following winners:

02/16/17 Huntington, WV - @wtellez
02/17/17 Bloomington, IN - @mntwinsgal
02/18/17 Jonesboro, AR - @StephanieLenay
02/23/17 Columbia, SC - @Gary Sepulveda
02/25/17 Jacksonville, FL - @Kelli Hanratty

See you guys soon

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over 3 years

wish I could have seen you at Bloomington In.

Britt G
over 3 years

I can't wait for this same kinda post for Madison square garden winners

over 3 years

so lucky

over 3 years

How do I sign up?
My birthday is in April, I would absolutely love the chance to see Luke Bryan! It's been a pretty rough year 2016, and continuing into 2017, dealing with some major health issues (Lupus and MS), so I don't get the opportunity to do a whole lot other than doctor's, hospitals and tests. Honestly, I would love to just be able to get the opportunity to see him live in concert while I am still able to get around. Of course, if I had the opportunity to go back stage and be that close to Luke Bryan I would take it in a heartbeat! No question!! Haven't heard anything from Luke Bryan that I haven't absolutely fell in love with!! Happy Valentine's Day!

over 3 years

can't wait to see you in Hartford!!!! my third time ...someday hopefully I can afford a closer ticket!!!

over 3 years

Hi Luke

over 3 years

I have got to be the most unluckiest person on the planet! lol

over 3 years

hopefully you will do this for Orange Beach!

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over 3 years

@gatorvet99 - no win for us.😥

over 3 years

this is my first time on here luke you are coming to Tulsa on June 10th, we have been to the last 2 years , 2015 my daughter and i came to your concert at the BOK i just bought a brand new jeep 2 days before your concert and we were on our way to your concert 3 blocks away a taxi cab ran into my jeep did 13,000 dollars damage to my jeep I couldn't drive it ,was messed up bad, i hurt my knee and my daughter thinks she is your wife(lol) i made sure we were not missing it for nothing so we walked and we made it. I felt so bad because i felt like i took HER MOMENT away because i was in pain and i try and make up for it all the time last year i got tickets in OKC bought off some lady well it was behind the stage so she couldn't see you very well so this year i am going to try my best to get meet and greet or just floor tickets . Matt Bradley, Natalie Cash, and Jenny Law from K95.5 can tell you how crazy my daughter is about you. I will try my best to get tickets . her birthday is coming up and would love for her to see you again!

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over 3 years

Congratulations to the winners. Such an awesome prize to win. Was hoping to win for my BFF and I in Jacksonville, Fl. Again, congratulations to the winners. Thanks Luke for being such an awesome Entertainer. ❤️❤️❤️

over 3 years

congratulations! I will see ya in ARKANSAS Jonesboro eighteen VIP sat. I am so HAPPY! I am taking someone who is never been to a concert I bought her the tickets

Alexis Morris3929
over 3 years

I wish I could meet you feb 23 tour!!

over 3 years

Guess I didn't win Bloomington🙁. I'll just head on down to Nashville TN that night...😄

over 3 years

I wish I could meet luke..been a fan since day 1
over 3 years

Congrats everyone !!! When do tickets go on sale for the Huntin Fishburn and Loven everyday Tour in Tulsa,OK at BOK??? I take my daughter, two daughter in laws and oldest Granddaughter to all your concerts when your in Tulsa or OKC this one will make concert number 4!!!! Can't wait for you to get here!

Eric Miller
over 3 years

Congrats to all!

Peppy 42087
over 3 years

congrats guys! It would be really nice/cool to win Richmond or Bristow, Va.