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This may have already been asked, sorry if it has, but just in the past few days I can no longer play the music from this app. Is anyone else having issues? That is one of the main reasons I paid to be part of this unlimited app is so I could listen to the music nonstop through this app. When I click on an album, it tries taking me to safari to Apple Music and wants me to pay for that service.. what happened?

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over 1 year

Thank you Disciple Media Support... just emailed you.

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Disciple Media Support
over 1 year

Hi there,

You may have noticed this week that music now redirects to Spotify and Apple Music rather than in the App - this is due to an overall lack of demand from app users. Moving music to these services will allow us to dedicate more of our resources to other areas of the App that are used more frequently by the majority of app users.

If you're experiencing any issues with the new Music section then email us at lukebryan@disciplesupport.com.com and our tech team will get back to you.

Thank you for your understanding and support,
Disciple Support & Team Luke

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over 1 year

It popped up and said you have to sign up for a music service if you want to continue to listen. I guess they aren't allowed to offer it for free on the app anymore.

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over 1 year

I got Spotify but didn't have to pay. it might becac30 days for free thing. if you contact disciple media, ,aybevthey can explain it.

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over 1 year

It tried to make me pay for spotify.