dear Luke Bryan, I know I have told my story but two years ago I nearly passed away but my stepdad but his headphones on my head and put your music and i woke up from my coma and all I wanted is to see you and my grandma drove me to Houston tx just to see you and I had the best time of my life and I think you should remember me being a wheelchair and holding up your cup during drink a beer and that is a sad song for me and hopefully I can go back to Houston tx to meet you i love you. so much Luke

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Mary Bullick
almost 2 years

What a memory. Thanks for sharing. Wow that is truly amazing 🙏🏼

almost 2 years

yes I do love u more @lukebryan super fan

lukebryan super fan
almost 2 years

U love me more right

forever loving Lukey
almost 2 years

@lb1fan2749 this is a very touching story Jacqueline😇 I hope ur dreams come true to meet him. He'll actually be in Houston this Thursday for the Houston Livestock Rodeo