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My view of the ACM Awards. Enjoyed the entire show. Luke and Dierks did a great job hosting. ❤❤👍👍

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11 months

You go!! Love it..it made me smile😁I think u might sing it a little better than Luke..sshh.we wont tell him that though..lol

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11 months

So sweet Lauren!! 💕☺️💕 thank u for sharing!! I love it!

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11 months


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11 months

that's adorable! made my day! thanks for sharing!

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11 months


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lorna macphee
11 months

oh my this is so precious

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Ruby Norwood
11 months

They sure did do a great job 💕❤️

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11 months

Awww. That is so sweet. Great job.

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11 months

Awesome job singing Lauren! Luke did a great job performing last night! And so did you!