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love this he's so proud 😍❤

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over 1 year

They appreciate each other SO much! Perfect for each other!

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over 1 year

And here's my baby!
Caroline and Luke looked so incredible last night! 😊😊💕

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over 1 year

She's his everything💞 Caroline has been through thick and thin with Luke's career! Luke loves her with all his heart💞💙💋

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Becky Dunlap
over 1 year


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over 1 year

He is, so adorable!😄💝

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over 1 year


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over 1 year

Such s gorgeous pair!

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over 1 year

That's a nice looking couple

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over 1 year

She has him under her spell! ❤️

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over 1 year

Well he should be she's gorgeous!!!💖

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over 1 year

😍 His Smile for her, Melts my Heart.! He Adores her so much. I think it's the sweetest thing. If only I met a Real Man like that, my Life would be so Complete. 😊
But she's been his strength,
and she's also very Beautiful
as well. Look at her in this Dress.! Wow.! 😍

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over 1 year

I love this pic!!!!! So cute!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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over 1 year

@chrissier totally agree ❤

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over 1 year

His attractiveness amps up 1000x because of how he openly loves his wife. ❤️❤️

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over 1 year

Love this! Love her! Love how they love each other!

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over 1 year

They are both so gorgeous, as always💕

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over 1 year

OMG...I love this pic!!! So sweet!!