Hey y'all. Just and FYI.....I emailed support about the streaming of the music issues in the app. I got a generic reply stating it makes for better quality etc. If we want this to change..we ALL are going to have to flood them with complaints. I love this app..but since we pay for the app. the music should be as it was....not with commercials or requiring another fee. Drop them a line and let's see if we can get things back the way they were.

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almost 2 years

I agree! I hate that we have to use another provider to listen to the music. I will email them too.

almost 2 years

I got the same story about not many users. I used it all the time in the car through Bluetooth. I'll write them again.

almost 2 years


almost 2 years

I did when it first happened and got same reply and they also said not many users used the music part??? I understand spotify is free but why listen to ads when it was perfect and ad free here.