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grrr is anyone else having issues posting pictures?!

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11 months

Mine won't post have tried 3 times 😪

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11 months

I was thinking it was to many people trying to post. I'll try later.

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Sierra Clark
11 months

Yep i am having problems with posting pictures too 😢

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11 months

Yes, posted three times and one finally came through so I will have too mny pics posted soon...oops!

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Robin Porter Robinson
11 months

Yep. Dang it! 😔

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11 months

Same too many people at once probably

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11 months

Me too!!! 😩

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11 months

I am !! What am I doing wrong?

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11 months

Yes I am. I just deleted the app and reinstalled it. Let's see if it works @coco4Luke

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11 months

Yes. Probably to many people posting at once.