Good morning Luke family Luke and team Luke have a great day love y'all I will be back to cause trouble later I have to go back to jail now 😭😭😭😭😭

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almost 2 years

Good morning

almost 2 years

Good morning @LBfanlife have a great day. 😊❤️

almost 2 years

Good Morning @lbfan4life! Have a Fantastic Thursday Once you are out of jail!!😆💝

almost 2 years

I'm breaking all the rules today @lbfan4life
1. I've got my phone with me at my desk.
2. I'm listening to Luke (not licenced for music in the workplace)
3. Drinking tea on reception.
4. Eating my sandwich on reception.
But I'm working alone and I'm bored, thirsty and hungry so they can just 'suck it up Buttercup' 😂

almost 2 years

Good morning and enjoy your jail time!😂 Try to have a good day without Luke!!!

almost 2 years

good morning @lbfan4life , stay out of trouble and don't get caught with your phone in your hand.