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Hey Lukesters! I found a few short video clips of Luke tonight on Twitter via The Big 98 radio station. I combined them into one video. Here it is! Also thanks to everyone, who was at the concert tonight, for sharing via the app and social media. Love seeing all the pictures and videos! 😍 Good Night Y'all!

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over 1 year

Love it thanks Dorinda!

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North country
over 1 year

@Dorinda McCleskey. That was great. You are so good at this, my hat is off to you. Thanks for the video.

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Dorinda McCleskey
over 1 year

Y'all are welcome! 😁 I loved seeing all the videos and pictures from everyone last night and this morning! Can't wait for more tonight! 😍

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J hart
over 1 year

That is awesome Thank you 😆💕
@Dorinda McCleskey

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over 1 year

Thanks @Dorinda McCleskey , luv it!💝😄🔥

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over 1 year

Love it !! Thanks for sharing 😀

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over 1 year

thanks for posting these

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over 1 year

This is great! Thanks for creating this, Dorinda! 😍😍😍