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Luke got a kick out of the pic I had him sign for my m/g!😂

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about 1 year

Nice one! Can't wait to see your pic🤠🎸🎤

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about 1 year


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J hart
about 1 year

Awesome 😆❤👍 @Jjones32

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forever loving Lukey
about 1 year

@judythomassmith meet and greet!! @Jjones32 awesome pic!!! think I might have an idea in mind for the future lmao😂😂

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about 1 year

Oh...great...sign at the VIP?

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about 1 year

Luv this pic @Jjones32 ! 😄💝🔥

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about 1 year

It was white back drop with HFE logo on it.

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about 1 year

what did the backdrop look like?😍