Does anyone know what I can do about selling pit tickets I got thru the nuthouse? It says they are non transferable and non refundable but my health has started to deteriorate (stage 4 kidney disease) and I do not think my health will permit the show in August. I am so bummed out.....but my health comes first. I have a husband and babies to worry about. thanks all.

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Where at? May be interested. You can receive payment through PayPal and transfer to any member of bubble up.

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gilford nh august 8th

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where at in august

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Sorry to hear.

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Who ever you want to sell the ticket to just call bubble up. N tell them ur situation n who you want the ticket name under and then I will email the person who bought the ticket originally just need confirmation number n email address 1 (615) 712-8475 that's bubble up #

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Sell face value do it through pay pal and contact bubble up about transfer