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Luke last night at Jiffy Lube was wonderful. It was bittersweet. I love your song Fast but watching you perform it live had me for a loss of words and I had a big breakdown. Its the first concert since losing "my big sister". She was supposed to go with me to celebrate finishing chemo but unfortunately lost her battle April 1st. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. So true how a song can transform you back in time and speak so much louder than words should be possible.

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over 1 year

Sorry for your loss

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over 1 year

so sorry for your loss hugss. may God comfort you

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over 1 year

Sorry for your loss 🙏🙏

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over 1 year

So sorry hugs and prayers

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Mary Bullick
over 1 year

So sorry for your loss.

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over 1 year

Very sorry for your loss🙏🏻

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over 1 year

So sorry for your loss!🙏🙏💝

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over 1 year

Sorry for your loss