If your in the Tulsa area today come say hi, 1 pm

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over 2 years

This is awesome! My son is one hell of a drummer in a local band here in Indy! He is sponsored by SJC and has a custom drum set! But...never enough drum sticks! @glasshands

almost 3 years

Thank you so much for the drumsticks. You are amazing at druming!! You made our night!! You ROCK!!!!!!
The kids you gave the drumsticks to.

almost 3 years

Are you going to do this next weekend in Mansfield ma if so where do I get tickets for it if you do

Anita Boyd
almost 3 years

Why didn't someone say something about you being at the BOK IN TULSA??????

Mary Bullick
almost 3 years

I wish. You are the best. Have fun!

almost 3 years

Go Kent!!!

almost 3 years

@jenijen3 yes please please @Kent Slucher please do this before the Dallas show! That would be incredible! 🤘👊❤️🎶

almost 3 years

Ooo.! I would Love to have this Poster.! This is Sweet.! 🤗♥️🎶💫🌟🎼Thank you for Sharing what Fun surrounds the Shows.! That we miss out on when We can't go.! 😔

Dawn Antonelli-Andrew
almost 3 years

Cannot wait for Jones Beach in August!!!

Candice Sullivan
almost 3 years

Come to CT next time would love to score visit

almost 3 years

luke bryan is the best man my life

almost 3 years

Awesome!!! ❤️

almost 3 years

@Kent Slucher wish I could. have to miss the concert tonight. My daughter is sick. 😕

Sue Nicholls
almost 3 years

Wish I was in the Tulsa area today but I'm not but I'll say 🙋hi anyway
@Kent Slucher @jamescookbass have fun

almost 3 years

have an awesome day, doing what you do best and loving​ what ya do!

almost 3 years

I want 3 please

almost 3 years

Hi @Kent Slucher from the UK 🇬🇧🇺🇸💗

Crystal Pellick
almost 3 years

🤚🏻from Pennsylvania

almost 3 years


almost 3 years

@forever loving Lukey Oh cool! I wonder how much the tickets are?