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Had a great week at CMA fest! Got a few souvenirs 🤗 got LBT to sign their record just wish I would have had a silver sharpie bc it's hard to see, Dustin Lynch signed my boot, Cole Swindell signed his picture, Craig Campbell's bean bag from his corn hole challenge, Kents drum stick from tootsies, Reba's signature, and a few guitar picks (Blake Shelton, Kevin, Dustin Lynch, FGL's guitarist, and Joe Don from Rascal Flatts)

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over 1 year

That's it! I'm moving to Nashville!

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over 1 year

Score!! So Cool!!😁

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Cassie StJean
over 1 year

Looks like a successful week!!😊❤️

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over 1 year

So amazing...

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over 1 year

That's amazing congrats

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over 1 year

Racked up!!! Awesome!!!

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over 1 year

Talk about some Awesome stuff!

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forever loving Lukey
over 1 year

lucky duck!!!!! awesome memories❤