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This was the tag that came on my 32 bridge HFE tanktop!! Gonna keep it!! 😍😍

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about 1 year

@countrychick96 I ordered ours offline too & only 1 had it on there. It's only certain shirts. Not all have them. If u have a local Cabelas near by, go check out all @Luke Bryan clothing line. You'll love the feel of each shirt not to mention how well its made.

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about 1 year


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Sue Nicholls
about 1 year

Love it. 👍

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about 1 year

I ordered mine offline. Maybe that's why

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about 1 year

I got a HFE tank and mine didn't come with it either! Bummer cause I would have kept it as well!

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forever loving Lukey
about 1 year

I kept mine as well😍🔥

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about 1 year

Mine didn't come with that. Looks like I'll be making a trip to Cabela's