I have been MIA for s long time.
I'm still a huge Luke fan but sometimes I feel like this app is a popularity contest.
Anyways I'm 2 days post op on my shoulder and it sucks.
Hope you all are having a grand summer so far.

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over 1 year

Hope you're feeling better soon!

over 1 year

Welcome back, I hope you feel better soon

over 1 year

Welcome back!!!! Get well soon!

over 1 year

get well soon😁

over 1 year

Welcome back 🙏 for fast healing

over 1 year

@ coco4luke hope you feel better I had two done on the same shoulder it's a long recovery but hang in there

Ruby Norwood
over 1 year

Welcome back!! Hope you feel better soon 💕❤️

over 1 year

Hope you feel better.

over 1 year

Prayers for a quick and painless recovery! Welcome back☺️

over 1 year

Welcome back!! Prayers for a speedy recovery! I have had 2 shoulder surgeries. If you need any advice on how to handle the pain just ask I will be more than happy to help!🙏🙏💗

over 1 year

Get well. I don't come on the app as much either. But when I do I enjoy it

over 1 year

Welcome back. Praying your recovery gets better.

over 1 year

Yes, welcome back, and I'll say a prayer for quick healing. @coco4Luke

forever loving Lukey
over 1 year

prayers for a speedy recovery!! welcome back💙

over 1 year

Welcome back @coco4Luke 👋 Hope your shoulder heals quickly so you can get out any enjoy the summer fun! 😎