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*Pinterest Find* This picture is precious💙 Luke has a big heart of G💛LD esp for children💛 Also Luke's smile says it all💛❤😭💖

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over 1 year

He's friggin adorable 🤗😍...the baby too 😉🤣

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over 1 year

Adorable!!!! 😃💜

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over 1 year

Too cute!

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Sue Nicholls
over 1 year

I love his passion for kids. Another reason why he's the best 💕

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over 1 year

look at that's babies face .... lol! probably just shit on our sexy man

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over 1 year

Lucky kid! 👶🏼🍀

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over 1 year

Love this photo!!💗💜💙

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over 1 year

Very sweet picture.

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over 1 year

He sooo naturally beautiful

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over 1 year

all these babies is he trying to kill me

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forever loving Lukey
over 1 year

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