It was a shame I was trying to scroll all the way back two weeks and three weeks where people said they started photo bombs

There was photobomb a of Luke's butt

There where photo bombs on e-cards on Luke

And I was lucky to had that one screen shot to show what I an taking

Correct if I am wrong and it was more more then a few days and a week

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over 3 years

For your information I was born sick and had lost oxygen to my brain. I had to go to special school for years I had doctors said I would never speak properly. My mother fought hard for me. I was bullied when I was a kid I was bullied all the time on the Internet

I became a fighter and no tolerant to to bullies. I do not attack people.

I fought to be normal all the years when I was a kid. My walk in my life was hard core

Took years to be none negative and be angry at life

I turn to embrace it and I became I Christian and I love my Jesus

I am very happy I can keep a calm soul when people bully me I tell God let those who attack me stay to attack me so they don't attack others

And I do not like sharing this story because I got tired repeating myself over and over

But I feel I got to speak up for half the people who have grammar problems or speech

Don't be so mean. You do not know who you are taking too you do not k is the pains they go through

Everyone was designed different by God you need to like them or ignore them

I find it mean how people need to beat down one person because they can

If I have it my power to keep all the bullies on me and other people won't be bully

You only heard a part of my sad life I look as a growth of who I am today.

You can keep trying to beat me down and try to hurt people here I will make stand against those who keep hurting others I spent a great deal taking crap from life

I would never change my past I love myself who I am nothing will take that from me

So accept the fact you need to stop getting on other peoples back