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Harvey please go away. Now forecasting 2-4 inches of rain (most of it on Friday) and temps barely reaching 70 on Friday. We need Red, White & Boom to happen. Won't be fun standing in the cold rain for 12 hours , but we will do anything for @Luke Bryan

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12 months

☺ ❤ I hope the storms goes away.

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12 months

Good Luck! 🍀 Hope you have warm weather and sunshine on Luke day. 🌞😀

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Karen Clem
12 months

I need to go to Rural King and buy myself some waders! Luke's audience could look very outdoorsey by show time.

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12 months

Saying prayers for Harvey to leave y'all alone now. How much more can people take? 😥

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12 months

Rain rain go away come back on the second Tuesday of next week 😂😂😂😂

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12 months

Good luck👍🏻