Hey Luke Bryan fans.. well guess what I have some very exciting news for you all.. I have 6 more weeks until I see Luke first time live in a concert... I will take a lot of pics and share them on here for all of u guys to see... let's just say I hope that I don't past out when I'm there... haha... thanks for everyone who has supported me and making the best I can be

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over 2 years

You will be addicted forever😃💙👍🏻

over 2 years

You will have so much fun @sam1237 !!

Ruby Norwood
over 2 years

Have lots of fun @sam1237 !!

Mary Hayes
over 2 years

@sam1237 You will have a blast and will not be disappointed. He is the best. Enjoy and we are looking forward to seeing your pics!!

over 2 years

You'll have the time of your life! You'll be hooked! I will be going to my 4th one this Wednesday & meeting Luke for the first time and my 5th next Thursday!!!!