ok everyone I AM BOT DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION OR ANYTHING JUST need some advice!!! About a year ago there was a bad house fire in my community that claimed the life of a young boy and left his mother and sister severely burned. In efforts to help my 8 year old put together half of her toys and wanted to use some of her money to buy the family new clothing. Now recently with the devastation that hurricane Harvey has caused she wanted to buy cases of water to bring to the Drive that the local police station was holding to bring to the victims effected. She is also in love and a huge fan of Luke Bryan and has begging me to take her to a concert. Because of everything she has done I have been thinking about taking her to a concert. By the time he comes back to our area she will be 9. What are everyone's experiences with children at the concerts? Is she to young ?

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over 1 year

Honestly, my daughters been going to concerts since she was 5... it's a great reward for them! With your little lady being 9, a run for the PIT is much easier 😉👌🏻

over 1 year

Thank you guys!!! I wasn't going to bring her till she got older but with everything she has done I really want to do something for her!

over 1 year

Oh no!! She is the perfect age to really enjoy it! Kudos to her (and you for bringing up such a compassionate daughter) for thinking of others in a time of need!

over 1 year

No,she is not to young at all. She'll love it.☺️