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this is serisouly one of the cutest pictures of him😭😭😍😍❤ he is such a big kind hearted guy and I love him for that😭😍😍❤❤

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10 months

Oh to be on the other end of that phone call...😍😍 😂 Love this. Tried for an hour to get through before I finally connected with someone named Sylvia. Oh well it wasn't Luke but glad I was able to get through and help out

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10 months

He is such a good man I would have loved to have spoken to him. This was awesome they made 14 million last I heard 😄😍

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forever loving Lukey
10 months

beautiful pic 💕😭

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Adair Keating
10 months

I love it, I donated online bc I live in the NW. I don't think Luke was still answering the phone with the time change.

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10 months

Absolutely!! Hope you all are donating as well! We need all the help we can get!!