Hey y'all! New to the app, but I love Luke and this sounds awesome.
So why do I love Luke? Pretty simple reason, actually. Of all the country singers I've ever listened to, he is the only one that I've found that combines a great voice, a great personality, and great song topics. I'd have to say Light It Up is my favorite track, can't wait for the new album!

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Karen Sellers
over 1 year

Welcome to the Luke family @vocalvirtuoso101 , your gonna luv it!😄💝

over 1 year

Welcome to the App!! Your going to love it!!

Ruby Norwood
over 1 year

Welcome to the app!! You will get addicted like the rest of us @vocalvirtuoso101 👍❤️

over 1 year

welcome to the family you will love it here.