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I've been a bystander long enough watching everyone bicker over Luke's decision to be an American Idol judge and I feel like I need to chime my thoughts in. I don't understand why people on this app is arguing over something we all cannot control on this app!! Its NOT our decision to decide whether or not Luke should be a judge on AI! Its HIS & HIS family's decision. Me personally, I think its a great opportunity for Luke to get more recognization, gain more fans and take a break from touring out on the road 4-5 times a week. PLUS we all get the extra perks and luxury of watching Luke every week on TV which I am excited about😍 It's his and his family's choice not ours. Whatever decision he chooses, we gotta be supportive of it no mater what!! That's what a true fan would do.... Ik we're all entitled to our own opinions but if they ain't nice, keep them to yourself please💓
Let's all be supportive of whatever decision Luke makes!! It could open so many more doors and opportunities to his career as an artist and as a father, husband, uncle and everything in between✨ I'm excited to watch!!
Please let's not argue and bicker anymore! Luv y'all to the 🌙&🔙

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12 months

So we'll said. He will be great doing anything he choses! 😍

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about 1 year

It doesn't matter what we think... it's Luke's decision, but Everyone has the right to an opinion even if You don't like it. No need to argue about it...

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about 1 year

This is something I think Luke will just love doing and he of all people deserves the opportunity! It's gonna an extra fun season to watch!

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about 1 year


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about 1 year

Totally agree!

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Karen Sellers
about 1 year

Amen @forever loving Lukey , I believe everyone means well & only want the best for Luke. We just luv him & worry about him. He is such a class act, a well deserved opportunity for him. I'm sure he's going to be amazing & I will support him 100%. I have to admit, I'm so excited about seeing him every week on TV. I have to admit that I'll miss him not touring as much. His high energy live shows are so awesome. I've been to probably 8 shows & every one of them felt like my first. Not many entertainers can have that effect on people. He has a special gift, now he's gonna share it & help some new artists realize their dreams!💝😄

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about 1 year

Amen!!!! I agree with you @forever loving Lukey ! I would LOVE to be able to see Luke more.

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skeeter adkisson
about 1 year

@forever loving Lukey

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about 1 year

what better way to promote your new album then on National tv

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forever loving Lukey
about 1 year

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about 1 year

I love your way of thinking Tegan Fowler! Haven't been on the App today & I am still at work, but I completely agree with what you wrote! You are wise beyond your years my friend!

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about 1 year

So true