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this is really happening and I love it

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about 1 year

I am beyond excited about this!!!❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏

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Kathy Law
about 1 year

Was hoping Keith Urban was coming back to join Luke this year so I would have 2 of my favorite men on TV. But I am glad Luke, you will be my eye candy for the season.😛😘😍

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Laura Leavitt
about 1 year

I am over and beyond excited. I can't wait.💙💙💙

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about 1 year

Love him

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country girl camo
about 1 year


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Sharon Medaglia
about 1 year

can't wait to watch

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Ginny Seavers
about 1 year

Will be a great comeback for AI this year!

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Cassandra Acevedo
about 1 year

Yaaaa!!! Can’t wait to watch!

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Christine Cordeiro
about 1 year

Over beyond excited

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Ryan-Marie Kruse
about 1 year

@lbfan4life one night we will have to have an idol viewing party!!

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about 1 year

I don’t think so

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about 1 year

He's in NYC as we speak. 😍

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about 1 year

So excited and happy for you. I will be watching👀❤

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about 1 year

So excited for him

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about 1 year

Sooo exciting!

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about 1 year

Very cool👍🏻

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about 1 year


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forever loving Lukey
about 1 year


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Sue Ellen Hutchinson
about 1 year

congrats Luke. so happy for you and you'll be awesome !!!