Hey guys! Quick couple notes.

The Tour Section has been updated to reflect the recent rescheduled dates. They say RESCHEDULED and are now on the correct date. Also for those that won Enter to Win for a show that got rescheduled, we will still honor that. So we will not have another Enter to Win when those dates roll around again.


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over 2 years

Can you tell me when they will post the concert in Laughlin Nevada

Samantha Rae
over 2 years

I was wondering since the other shows are postponed and the show 4 crash My Player is sold out is there a waiting list for openings at the main Resort all I'm looking for is a room for two adults one bed and we would take any room we could get this point I didn't realize it was sold out. we're interested in the entire four-day event and I'm hoping that being a member of the fan club and not house there has to be some sort of rooms set aside cost is not an issue... we were actually hoping to get something on the nice side. after seeing Luke this summer in New York I am blown away and would give anything to have a chance to get to this trip in Mexico!

over 2 years

G'day Ethan...trying to get tickets to CMC in Australia next year...sold out! Is there anyway we can purchase them off you guys? Thanks mate😀

over 2 years

Is there any way to contact someone regarding the Meet and Greet for the Salt Lake City show? I was the winner for it and have some questions.

over 2 years

Hi I’m trying to go to the 10/27 show and hoping to get the meet and greet passes. We had tickets but since some members in our group couldn’t go Ticketmaster accidentally cancelled our entire order now we don’t have any and ticket price for they seats we had our almost triple the price. Try to get VIP which it says is available through the app but on the website for Ticketmaster is my is not working. Please help!

Allison Bryson
over 2 years

Hi!! I have a bit of a sensitive request! I have emailed several times but am unable to get a hold of anyone! I am attending the Glen Helen Pavilion concert on oct 27th with a Route 91 survivor who was shot 3 times and his wife. Tom O'Malley and his wife Nicole are reluctantly attending in hopes of moving forward one day at a time. I just wanted to see if there were a chance for a meet & greet or some recognition? Tom is a firefighter paramedic, after being shot three times himself he saved his wife's life and assisted other victims around him! He is a true hero! Thank you for your time

over 2 years

Great. Can you reschedule my flights over from London too? Can’t believe you rescheduled our 21st wedding anniversary concert. We booked in February. So disappointed.

Madeleine Bosco
over 2 years

Meet and Greet for the California Glen Helen Show changed to Friday 10/27

Debbie Sue Jenkins Smith
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over 2 years

Thank you for the Update.!
California ~ I'm so Excited.!
I'm trying to arrange going.
God, I hope I make it.!
I will Cry. If I don't.

over 2 years

Thank you!! ❤

over 2 years

Thanks Ethan! Quick question for you, is there going to be any contests for Salt Lake? I've been waiting for it, but haven't been given an option to sign up yet. Thanks Ethan for everything you do for us❣️ You're amazing and Luke is an amazing guy too. 💗👍

over 2 years

Hey Ethan just wondering under the CMC Rocks Willowbank concert maybe you could put Australia? Because otherwise people who aren’t from Australia aren’t going to have any idea where willowbank is 😆

Thank you so all so much for coming down to Australia too!! Can’t wait to party with you all!!

Janelle McGuirk
over 2 years

Thank you

Brandy Klaus
over 2 years

is there meet and greet for usana

over 2 years

Thanks Ethan, ask Luke to come to Vancouver 🇨🇦 next year! N

Monique Viles
over 2 years

Is there going to be any enter to win for any of the California shows in San Diego or San Bern or is he not doing meet and greets.

over 2 years

Thanks Ethan and the rest of the team for all you all do! All were hilarious last night playin loop in louie!!! I’m the fan that doesn’t gripe about anything y’all do or changes. Luke is my #1 country artist and there are ppl that don’t appreciate him! Whatever he does I’m behind him 100% you all be safe on your travels. Love you all❤️🤗

forever loving Lukey
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over 2 years

So great. Hope to see you real soob.