Happy Thanksgiving to Luke, his family , his team and to all of you! I'm so thankful for the awesome year I have had being able to go to nine shows this year and getting to meet Luke, not only once, but two times. Also, thankful for my Luke app friends that I have met!

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about 1 year

You are so awesome....great pic. ❤️

Ruby Norwood
about 1 year

Hope you are just as lucky in 2018 @Princess Diane 👍💗

about 1 year

So happy for you! I too have alot to be thankful for and we can never take it for granted😃💙👍🏻

about 1 year

@Princess Diane wow I’m so jealous . But I’m so happy that 2017 was your lucky year.

Princess Diane
about 1 year

Thank you @PlayItAgain! Yes, I was very blessed!

about 1 year

That is a lot to be thankful for! Hope 2018 continues to bring good things your way! 😊