2017 my nieces 2nd year in Row Seeing their favorite Luke Bryan, every year He Comes to Summerfest is another Year Of memories to be made, 1 year I hope to win meet and Greets so my nieces can feel the dream Like Experience.

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Jason Wingers
about 2 years

I myself just seen Chris Young last week and won a meet and greets from Chicago radio station guy, I got Kenny Chesney at Miller Park, Jason Aldean at CUSA and Florida Georgia Line I got for Summerfest, but I have seen Luke Bryan 3 out the last 4 years at Summerfest , and it never gets old for me to see him, which is why I hope to get tickets for “crash my playa” next year in Mexico

Luke's GBPacker Backer
about 2 years

I’m also hoping that Luke comes to Summerfest!!! I’m already going to see Florida Georgia Line but seeing Luke again would be even better!!!

Ruby Norwood
about 2 years

Sweet!! Good luck on winning the M&G 👍

about 2 years

I'm praying for summerfest to

about 2 years

Soooo SWEET!!