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Hi there friends
I just quickly want put a PSA up alert about this horrible Flu

Lot people are succumbing to the flu this year and we had a 7 year old boy from my hometown pass away this weekend from the flu and strep

Being a doctor I just don’t want any of our Appsters friends sick..just pretty much heed warnings to stay home if sick don’t send sick kids to school handwashing as often as can n avoid crowded enclosed spaces if possible.. the flu can be spread through droplets in Air ..

CDC is struggling to determine why flu vaccine not effective and are asking us to remind patients to take this flu seriously

I know not Luke related but don’t want any of the great folks here sick..

Stay well friends! Love you all
Dr K

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10 months

Me and my son are just getting over the flu it was horrible but I can say tami flu is amazing!!