Everyone in this picture means the world to me. 4 generations my son is the last on and is privileged to have his great father, Grandpa, Uncle, and father in his life. Andrew loves everything about the farm and hunting and we recently we had to move from our home on the farm due to our jobs. But all these make sure Andrew is raised right and on the farm. We don’t always get the chance to come for him to help out the farm or to shoot his guns but they make sure he she does by coming and getting him to bring him to the farm so he grow up like we want him too. Having to move to a city in another state is not what we wanted but we had to for our jobs, we are hoping this is only temporary and we can move back to the farm soon. When you have the love and support of your family anything is possible. To see Andrews happiness when he is on the farm with his Grandpa’s, Uncle , and Dad are so heart warming! #Mostpeoplearegood

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