As excited as I am to see pictures from the shows and happy for everyone going and winning tickets and meets, as the date gets closer I am feeling heartbroke. I was so hoping to get to Toronto, but just couldn't work it out. It's been forever since I've been to his show, just feeling it today. I'll be happy once I see new pics and how much fun you're all having out there at the shows

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skeeter adkisson
almost 2 years

@Sherri_V34 I absolutely love that gif that is perfect for the lukester family that is one big big happy family right there my friend pay you for sharing that gif

almost 2 years

Thank you so much @skeeter adkisson @BethelLuvsLuke @Ruby Norwood @DebbieBeechener the love means a lot. I know once i see the pics rolling in I will feel much better. I cannot wait to see your pics @DebbieBeechener

almost 2 years

I’ll post lots from Toronto for y’all😃💙👍🏻🇨🇦