No Centralia, MO date this year😥😔 he has come there the past 2 years (only 15 min from where I live) and I have loved it!! I’m glad other people/places will get to have Farm Tour but I’m also upset because I want him here again. As someone who has grown up in a small town/farming community, Farm Tour is different and so much more special than regular arena concerts

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Ruby Norwood
almost 2 years

Well where I use to drive an hour for farm tour!! This year will be 3 1/2 hour drive .

almost 2 years

ssry hw not by u this year, but he's making lots of other peeps happy.... enjoy ur friday

Sue Nicholls
almost 2 years

Why what's so different about it ? Never been to one. It's probably more like a festival @julier18