good evening everyone my beautiful luyster family I really truly hope everyone had a very blessed day today it's not over this is a long weekend so continue to enjoy I'm going to get off here for a while but I wanted to pass this pic to my friends pay it forward oh my gosh you guys look at our country Southern gentleman I got to find out what his secret is looking younger and younger every time I I see a picture you most definitely got it going on
@Luke Bryan Caroline I would like to take it second of your time if I could and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your husband with us fans like you do I mean oh my goodness you are one lucky lucky woman you're the luckiest woman in the world you got one fine fine man there all the way around but number one thing he has the biggest heart in the whole world you're right there beside him thank you I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend I'm sorry Memorial weekend God bless you and whole family and I love you all to the Moon and back God bless

skeeter Adkisson

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