I still have 2 PIT tickets for sale for JAX show on June 22nd. Paid $140 each through Fan Club pre-sale. I would be willing to take $125 each for them. If interested, please message me. Thanks!

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Princess Diane
almost 2 years

Thanks! Only selling them because my friend and I have ended up getting tickets with seats on 2nd row, dead center of front stage. So excited! Going to 4 shows in June

Ruby Norwood
almost 2 years

Hope you can sell them @Princess Diane đź‘Ťđź’š

skeeter adkisson
almost 2 years

@Princess Diane it's sad that you have to sell your tickets but something must be really important but that's okay it's going to be other day that just wasn't meant to be but I can see your future you will see Luke Bryan again real soon I just want to say good luck but you know what I wouldn't let that worry you because I bet they'd be sold here any time have a blessed evening