Some of my 6th grade students asked me to do the talent show with them. They chose to sing the song "Fast". All the kids were playing preschool instruments (sand blocks, kazoos, rhythm sticks, shaker eggs etc.) It was so much fun. Wish I could share the video but not all parents gave permission to post.

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almost 2 years

Bummer cuz it would have been cool to see. But thanks for the photo!

almost 2 years

@Sue43 thanx. not gonna lie, I cried during the first 2 performances.

almost 2 years

Aww, I bet you were so proud. Shame you couldn't share it, I bet Luke would love it ❤

Ruby Norwood
almost 2 years

Awesome @JojoHath 👍♥️

almost 2 years

Thats Awesome!!💙

almost 2 years

Sure it sounded amazing😃💙👍🏻