Good morning 😃 hope you all have a fantastic day today. For those going to @Luke Bryan concert here you all have a blast.

For anyone going to see Dierks Bentley tonight can’t wait to see you in Vip .

Can’t wait to see all the pictures and videos from your concert.
Hope yo don’t mind if I post some from Dierks.
The time is 5:15 right now and I need to get ready for my 5 hours drive . I really have to learn to checkout the location of concerts before buying tickets. . I’m going to Riverbend Music Center and my hotel is in Kentucky lol 😂.

Debbie and Sue you have fun in Vip.
Love you all so much. God blessed you’ll.

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almost 2 years

Happy Thursday

almost 2 years

Good Morning @music55!! Have a Safe Trip and a Blast tonight!!🎶🎵🎸🎤😀💜💙

Karen Petty Wright
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Ruby Norwood
almost 2 years

Good morning @music55 !! Enjoy your day my friend ♥️👍

almost 2 years

Safe travels and have a blast my friend🎉! Thx for your wishes to us! We will have the time of our lives😃💙🤠👍🏻

almost 2 years

@dogzrmewith23 good morning my sweet friend hope you have a fabulous day today. Love you 😍 my sweet friend. I will try to post here or on Facebook my videos. Can’t believe when I get back from Cincinnati I will be going to Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday.

almost 2 years

enjoy your show. I'm sure he's gonna be fun