Have you entered for a chance to be Luke's MVP in Los Angeles on 7/28?

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Taking my 6 year old son to see @lukebryan for his birthday...his favorite song is muckalee creek water...

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I bought my bff Tickets for last years San Manuel concert but we missed it due to traffic. It was an awful experience. I got her tickets this year but I really would like the VIP experience for her @Luke Bryan She deserves the best. 🙏 Even if it means 1 vip experience. I’ll do fine in our Pit Section.

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@EthanH @Luke Bryan Can you please let us know when will you guys announce the winner??😄😄❤❤

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Happy Birthday to me 🙏🏼

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yes I'll be there but a m&g would be the best

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LUKE! I just made sure to enter your Dodger Stadium MVP experience again. Would mean the world to me after all I’ve been through this year including my surgery! Love your biggest fan! ❤️❤️❤️

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What happened to the Fenway MVP @Luke Bryan @EthanH Did you forget to choose someone? Or worse, not even post about it?

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Hi this would be totally fricken awesome it is my husband's and my anniversary on the 31st of July. I would die no that wouldn't be good then I couldn't make the show lol

Tracy Watts
over 1 year

Was wondering about Boston.

Yahaira L. Torres
over 1 year

This would be a dream come true!!!😍😍😍praying and crossing fingers I get chosen!

Natalie Gutierrez
over 1 year

Entered for me and my mom!!! Goodluck to everyone !!!

JJ Greer
over 1 year

🤞🏽🙏🏽This would be amazing!!

Lexi Landis
over 1 year

I just entered!!! I would cry 😭❤️

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I hope! 😊😊

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It would a dream come true! Luke and his music brings so much happiness to my life! He always has a song to go with what I’m feeling or dealing with! Love the person that he is! ❤️

Nicole Gray
over 1 year

I missed you last year no thanks to the concert canceling within the last few hours before it started. which was 6 hours into my 8 hour trek I've made yearly for the past 3 years to see you! We couldn't make the rescheduled concert and lost out on all the money we spent for VIP with the private show due to ticket company being less than nice about a refund.
Double job loss, loosing our cars to the repo man, having to sell my horse because I could not afford to board him and hubby being diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disease caused this year to be a no go for tickets to see you.
(Shoot, I think I may have a back story to your next hit single)
A road trip to see you has been my hubbies bday present to me since we have been together and he is super bummed he can't swing it this year. Yes, I'm whining but winning these would be a dream for us both. Your music has been a blessing for me to get through this crap & for that I am grateful! Love and prayers to you and yours!

Melissa Molenda
over 1 year

Greetings from Arizona
I entered
Good luck everyone

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Entered as well. Good Luck everyone!