@Luke Bryan rockin “Light It Up!” Monday in Nashville! It was a whirlwind trip less than 24 hrs from ATL but I enjoyed every crazy moment - I was there for Luke’s last exit before the show from 32 Bridge 🙌🏼.. I said Hi to Caroline (so sweet & gorgeous!) and Luke took my hand - Thud! Yep, Happy Girl! And the spotlights lit up my videos but I’m happy I have some to share. So proud of our Georgia boy! And the announcement today is bittersweet! But, “I’ll be there!!” I got tickets for my family! My daughter will be happy b/c she wanted to skip school for Nashville but I was a mean momma. 😬 this will make up for that 😉 We’ll be driving down I-75 for Fall Break to meet the Seattle In-Laws in Orlando, so why the hell not? Unfortunate why it’s happening but thankful something else worked out this year and we are glad to contribute! (I’ve been kicking myself b/c the farm tours are at the same time as Fall Break - I would have loved to support the Farm Tour across the river from my adopted hometown of Augusta/Fort Gordon). Enjoy the video! Love that Georgia Boy and his heart!!

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Thx for sharing!!💜💙

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Awww, thanx gor sharing.

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Thx for sharing💙

Sue Nicholls
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Thank you so much for sharing. What a great night hopefully I'll be able to get there next year.

Michaela Gündling
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Thx for sharing us this great video