I am so jelly that My hunny is clearly in this pic and I'm not. His Bromance with Luke is hot and 😠 at the same time lol. I want to be the bff not my hubby. He always gets a Luke Beer and They're shaking hands and stuff. I love it but I'm jelly too. Green with envy lol 🤢

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Dorinda McCleskey
over 1 year

@Monique That’s so awesome!! I had a blast! Can’t wait till next time!! 😁

over 1 year

yes he gets concert hangovers too and is like find out where Luke's at today lol. @mgt305 A strikes again lol

over 1 year

My hubby and son think he is great as well! Cool how he attracks both sexes👍🏻

over 1 year

Love how much your husband loves Luke 💕 Luke definitely takes care of boys 😍😂 @Monique